About Us.

  About Us.

Fresh Cut was founded 1983 with nothing more than an old Dodge pick-up and a push mower to care for a handful of residential lawns. In those days, everyone with a lawn mower could be considered a “landscaper” but today, it takes a company with knowledgeable and experienced employees to provide the level of service that customers expect.  Together John Ferrie and his wife, Shawn Anita, created a vision of what Fresh Cut could be and over the years they have worked tirelessly to build the business to the homegrown, full – service landscape company you know today. Since day-one, our mission has been to provide dependable service with the personal touch of a family owned and oriented business.
Since 1983, Fresh Cut has grown to service hundreds of residential and commercial properties as well as a handful of Homeowners Associations and Government sites while employing nearly 50 hardworking men and women. In recent years, our focus has been to apply the experience we have gained
with the residential customers that helped build the foundation of our company to new commercial, government and multi-family facilities. With our certified management team and well-trained employees, Fresh Cut can provide the perfectly manicured landscape that your property deserves.

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